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The 2012 First Responders Challenge
Congratulations CrossFit Southie




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2013 FRC!

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2012 Champs The Sham Rockers from CrossFit Southie!


The Requirements

Teams are composed of 4 members (men and women) from the same town/department. You may have up to 2 alternates who are required to meet all training requirements. Once the competition begins there will be no add-ons or substitutions to the team members.

Eligibility: Departments of First Responders can be:  Active members of Fire, Police, EMT, K-9 Units, SWAT, Sheriff and Coast Guard.

The Locations

Cynergy CrossFitCape Cod CrossFitimageimage


The Competitors

2012 FRC competitors

The Challenges

WOD 1 Mutual AidWOD 1

  • 4 person teams
  • 800 m run - 1 point per person if completed under 4 minutes
  • 3 minute Wall Ball AMRAP* (20/14) - 1 point for every 10
  • 2 minute Burpee AMRAP - 1 point for every 5
  • 1 minute 15' Rope Climb AMRAP - 1 point per climb
  • 1 rep max Shoulder Press completed in 3 minutes

Team with the highest points wins with the Shoulder Press as the tie breaker.

*AMRAP = As many reps as possible

WOD 2 Double Indemnity

2 teams of 2 athletes rower
team cannot be switched once the WOD begins
25 Minute Max

With a continually running clock, the first team of 2 completes the following...

1500 M Row
*the can be broken up any way the team sees fit
*the work for the couplet that follows may begin as soon as the rower hits the 1000 M mark
*the second athlete cannot help the first athlete in the couplet until 1500 M has been completed

25-20-15-10-5 of
Thrusters (95/65)
Box Jumps (24/20)
box jump*can be divided up any way the team chooses, but must follow the rep format
*only one athlete can work at a time
*BB and the box jumper must be on the floor before the next athlete starts the work at hand
*one BB/Box per team unless there is a female and a male that case one bar must be on the floor and not touched until the other bar is on the floor and the box jump can not continue until the team member is on the floor.

After the last box jump from team 1 is complete, team 2 completes the following ...

Box Jumps (24/20)
Thrusters (95/65)

1500M Row
*one of the athletes may start the row AFTER the 25 box jumps have been completed. Time is recorded after the 1500 M is complete.

Standards Video

WOD 5 Smoke Showin'

10 minute clockbar bell pushp

  • 100 sit-ups - standards include a kettlebell at the base of the feet and wrists at the edge of the abmat at full extension. Both hands need to touch the kettlebell at the feet and hit the abmat when extended

  • AMRAP Deadlift (135/95) and Bar Bell Push Up couplet. Ascending ladder of 1 deadlift, 1 barbell push up; 2 deadlifts, 2 barbell push ups, 3,3 etc.

Video Standards

WOD 4 Call for Back-up

4 person teams
30 Minute Max
Athletes A, B, C, D...must stay in that order throughout the entire WOD
Judges will list the names of the athletes at the start and make sure that they maintain that order.

The work must be completed in the order listed.

This WOD is open for some interpretation with the exception of the standards of the movements that must be met. No additional equipment outside what is listed can be used. It is a team event in every sense of the word.

Station Ahandstand pushup
5 Rounds for each athlete of
7 Free Standing Handstand Push Ups + 100 M Sprint
At the start, Athlete A completes 7 HSPU on the HSPU station*, then immediately runs the 100 M Sprint As soon as Athlete A is done with the HSPU's, Athlete B can start his/her HSPU's....this continues with Athletes, C and D before Athlete A starts his/her second round...this order continues for 5 total rounds for each athlete. There can only be one HSPU station for each team.

*HSPU Station: Set up 2, 25# plates outside of 1 Abmat. The athlete must keep his/her hands inside the plate dimension and must touch the head to the mat and finish at full extension for 7 reps. You cannot use the wall, but you can use your teammates.

As soon as athlete A has completed his/her 5th round, they can then move to the next station.

Station B
5 rounds of for each athlete of 3 Bar Muscle Ups + 100 M Sprint
Athlete A completes 3 Bar Muscle Ups + 100 M Sprint
Must show control and full extension of elbows at the top of the bar. Cannot use anything other than your teammates for assistance and the bar must be at least fingertip distance with arm at full extension for the tallest member of the team.

bar muscle upAs soon as Athlete A has completed the 3 Bar Muscle Ups and starts their run, Athlete B will complete his/her bar muscle ups ON THE SAME BAR, this will continue with Athletes C and D before Athlete A takes over for round 2. This continues for 5 rounds, then the team moves to the final station.

Station C
5 rounds for each athlete of 10 Back Squats (135/95) + 100 M Sprint
Athletes will move to Station C and pick up the Barbell. Once the BB is picked up it cannot be placed back down until Athlete D has completed his/her last run.* The BB can be set up prior to the start of the WOD. The BB must be taken from the floor. You cannot use a rack at any time.*In the case of a female member, you will have 2 BB's set up. The team will have to put the 135# down and pick up the 95# for the female, then switch back for the male athletes.

If the bar is placed down other than to switch the weight for the female/male, the entire team will have to complete a 10 burpee penalty at that very moment before continuing on with the WOD.

The athletes will cycle through Station C as stated in the afore mentioned stations. When athlete D has completed his/her 5th round, that will be the time for the team. Then the BB can be placed on the floor.backsquat

Standards Video

WOD 5 Station Empty

4 member teams
4 WODs, one for each team member
30 minute max

50 M KB Farmers Carry Relay (2/1.5) x 4
*one at a time, each member carries 2 KB 25 M out and 25 M back, the entire team must travel with each athlete as they carry the weight

When the relay is complete Athlete A completes farmers carry
4 rounds of:
7 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/65)
12 Bar Facing Burpees

when Athlete A is complete the entire team completes the 50 M Farmers Carry Relay (2/1.5) x 4 (same format as above)

When the relay is complete, Athlete B completes
4 rounds of:
30 Double Unders
12 Toes 2 Bar

when Athlete B is complete the entire team completes the 50 M Farmers Carry Relay (2/1.5) x 4 (same format as above) toes to bar

When the relay is complete, Athlete C completes
1 Round of:
400 M Row
30 KB Swings (1.5/1)
30 Pull Ups (Chin over bar)

when Athlete C is complete the entire team completes the 50 M Farmers Carry Relay (2/1.5) x 4 (same format as above)

When the relay is complete, Athlete D completes
30 Ground to Overhead (125/85)

Please scale weights where needed and indicate on time submitted. Sub Single Unders x 4 (120 Single Unders per round) if unable to complete DU.

Standards Video

WOD 6 Modus Operandi

4 athlete teams
Once the athletes start each WOD, they cannot switch out
There will be ONE athlete that completes EVERY Station

  • power cleans4 athletes start and complete 400 M Run as a team.

  • When the entire team has finished the run, 1 athlete steps out and the remaining 3 immediately complete; 150 Power Cleans (95/65) one athlete working at a time, one bar per team (unless the team has a female athlete)
    *Elbows must come in front of the bar at the top and the hips at full extension prior to lowering the bar *Rep starts on the floor

  • When the team of 3 complete the Power Cleans, 1 athlete steps out and the remaining 2 complete; 200 M Broad Jumps (one athlete works at a time, with the next athlete starting where the other leaves off)

  • calorie rowWhen the team of 2 has completed the Broad Jumps, 1 athlete steps out and the remaining athlete completes; 50 Calorie Row

  • When the row is complete 1 athlete will join the athlete who completed the row and the 2 athletes will complete 100 Push Presses/Jerks (95/65) one athlete working at a time, one bar per team (unless the team has a female athlete), bar taken from the floor.
    *Bar must come to full extension at the top with ears visible in front of the arms and full extension shown at the top

  • When the 2 athletes complete the last Push Press/Jerk,another athlete will join the 2 athletes and as a team of 3 complete; 200 M Walking Lunge (one athlete works at a time, with the next athlete starting where the other leaves off)
    bar hang*knee must come in contact with the ground and hip come to full extension for the rep to count

  • When the team of 3 completes the lunges, the remaining athlete will join the team and will complete a: 400 M Backwards Run (all 4 athletes running together)
    The backward run is completed when all 4 athletes are finished.

  • The time is recorded.

  • The team will rest exactly 30 seconds then as a team of 4 complete an; All Team Bar Hang for Max time ( must hang from your hands only… using any grip. No gloves or wraps can be used on your hands.



The Finals of the First Responder's Challenge were held at Reebok CrossFitONE in Canton, MA on March 3rd.


ALL Team WOD 1 4 x 100M Relay

Individual Head-to-Head WOD 1 Farmers Carry/Killer Cagekiller cage
Men carry 2, 2 pood KBs/ Women carry 2, 1.5's the length of the Killer Cage,then monkey bar swing back to the start First one to finish wins. Both hands must start on the first rung and on the last rung to count. Touching every bar.

Individual WOD 2 Prowler Push/Prowler Pull
Men Push prowler with 180#'s (Women 90#) down 25 yards then connect the rope, run back to the finish and pull the prowler back to the start.

ALL Team WOD 2 Tabata Mash Hopper
We placed 12+ movements in a hopper and chose 4 right at the start of the WOD. Selections were: wall balls (20/14), hand-release push-ups, sumo deadlift high pull (75/55), power cleans (75/55)

20:10 (work:rest) x 16 with each athlete (4) in a separate station and rotating through the 4 stations 4 times *score is the total of the 4 lowest reps completed by the team in each of the 4 stations.

Individual WOD 3 Pull Up/Handstand Push Ups
10 chin breaking the plane of the bar Pull Ups + 5 Handstand Push Ups men head to floor on the HSPU and women to 1 Abmat

Individual WOD 4 Double Under/Rope Climb
35 Double Unders + 1 15 ft Rope Climb first to touch the top is the winner

ALL Team WOD Mass Casualty Incident
prowlerStadium style event; one athlete completes the first movement then continues on to the next. The next athlete can't begin until the athlete ahead of him/her has completed that station.

  • 300 m row
  • 25 yd. walking lunges
  • 20 overhead squats (75/55)
  • 30 box jump overs
  • 30 walk throughs on paralettes
  • 100 yard buddy carry with all 4 members. One member must be off the ground.